Office Policy

This is to inform you of our guidelines regarding orthodontic treatment.

Patient Care:
Our top priority is delivering the highest quality care and achieving optimal orthodontic outcomes for our patients. It is our honor to have you as a patient, and we cherish this privilege.

Scheduling Appointments:
We endeavor to work around the patient’s (and parent’s) schedules as best we can, with options available for appointments before or after work/school. Certain treatments, such as the placement or removal of braces, can only be scheduled in the morning or early afternoon. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation, as last-minute cancellations or rescheduling can be challenging.

Treatment Costs:
Our treatment fee covers orthodontic treatment exclusively and does not include other dental treatments or cosmetic procedures. Budgeting for the orthodontic fee is intended for your convenience and is not related to treatment duration or frequency of appointments.

Appliance Loss or Breakage:
Our treatment fee includes the initial set of braces/appliances required for treatment. However, reasonable replacement or repair charges may be assessed for repeated appliance breakage or loss or to replace those that no longer fit due to lack of patient wear.

Extended Treatment Time:
In certain cases, treatment may take longer than initially estimated due to patient non-cooperation, missed appointments, or excessive appliance breakage.

To ensure efficient treatment, it is essential to follow our staff’s instructions on oral hygiene and orthodontic appliances. Adhere to your prescribed diet and wear your orthodontic appliances as directed. We reserve the right to discontinue treatment due to non-cooperation or poor oral hygiene.

Maintaining Dental Health:
We encourage patients to continue to visit their dentist for routine dental exams and cleanings to support optimal oral health. Depending on a patient’s oral hygiene or supporting bone health, more frequent cleanings may be necessary.

Transfer from Our Office:
If a patient needs to transfer prior to completing their treatment, we will adjust the orthodontic fee for services rendered to date.

Responsible Party:
The custodial parent is the responsible party, as per our office policy. We will assist the responsible party with the necessary paperwork and meetings with the other parent. However, the final responsibility lies with the custodial parent.

We are happy to assist you in filing your insurance claim and filling out the necessary forms. Please remember that insurance benefits are a contract between you and the insurance company, and the patient is responsible for any remaining balance after insurance coverage ends.

Non-Payment of Accounts:
After three months of delinquency, patients will be placed on an “inactive rest” basis, and no further adjustments will be made until the account is settled. We reserve the right to discontinue treatment after an extended period of non-payment.

Retention Phase:
Retainers must be worn as instructed to ensure the longevity of your orthodontic results. If relapse occurs due to a lack of patient compliance with retainers, braces may have to be reapplied at an additional cost.

We value our relationship with you and look forward to working with you to achieve a beautiful, healthy smile.